Join #SwopItUpClub

Join #SwopItUpClub


Join me in this new movement, led by young people, that makes the most of the things that we have, and puts a stop to the learned 'buy, use, dispose' culture of our generation.

It’s one of the powerful ways we can take action, and make a positive impact on climate change. 

It starts with us swopping the items that we have with each other, and extends to shifting away from constantly buying more ‘stuff’. We have the freedom and power to act.

If, like me, you are desperate to see positive environmental change, join the #SwopItUpClub.

Starting soon we’ll send you regular updates and ideas that you can put into practice, and really start to make a difference.

And if you join the #SwopItUpClub, you also have opportunity to become one of our young Creators. 














As part of the future generation, I want us all to grow up in a healthy, green, beautiful, thriving and sustainable world, living in harmony with nature.

Together we can make the change. Join me on this



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We want SwopItUp to be the voice of young people taking action and sharing individual experiences.

So we're inviting YOU to become part of our  Creator Programme. We'll guide you on how to create impactful  ECO content, and then we'll share it with  with thousands of others.

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