Do you love clothes and want to update your wardrobe for free? At our SwopShops, you can trade in old clothes you no longer wear and come away with a whole new set of clothes!

Whilst SwopItUp isn't currently running in schools at the moment we really want to hear from you now on this, so that we can get it into place as soon as they are running as normal!

Whether you're organising SwopShops or working with our social media team as part of the Creator Programme, there are so many opportunities within SwopItUp where you can build skills that will help jazz up your CV.

Lead by example and start getting active in the fight against climate change. SwopItUp will help you to take the first steps so that you can inspire others (adults included!) to do the same!

Are you passionate about taking action against climate change? We need to act now if we want to save our lovely planet. We need to recognise the environmental impact that fashion has on the world. With SwopItUp you can spread the word about shopping pre-loved and start making a real difference!

Our SwopShops are not limited to clothes! This 'circular economy' approach can be applied to many parts of our lives. Let's inspire a sharing culture in our communities!

Whether it's creating posts for our Instagram or jumping on the latest TikTok trend, we want YOUR creative input for our social media platforms.

Gain experience working 'behind the scenes' at a non-profit organisation and develop business skills without taking any real risks.

Is SwopItUp for me

Is SwopItUp for me




Do you love clothes, and want to update your wardrobe for FREE?


Do you want to develop business skills without taking any real risks?


Are you passionate about taking action on climate change?


Do you want to meet and inspire people from other schools?


Are you a teacher looking to help your students take real climate action?  


Do you want to create some amazing content inspiring others your age to get eco active?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, then SwopItUp  IS right for you



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