Become a creator

Become a creator

Did you know that being a SwopItUp creator can count as your volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award?!

If you are under 13, please ask an adult to fill out this for you
What's a Creator?

We want SwopItUp to be the voice of young people taking action and sharing individual experiences.

So we're inviting YOU to become part of our  Creator Programme. We'll guide you on how to create impactful  ECO content, and then share it with thousands of others.

Just fill out this form, and we'll get you started.

The SwopItUp Creator Programme is 100% remote so you can take part wherever you are in the world!

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see what our creators think about the programme!


"I've really appreciated the consistent support that I've got through being a part of SwopItUp. I've been able to develop skills  that I probably wouldn't have been able to if I didn't join SwopItUp. It's exceeded my expectations by a ton, and I couldn't be more grateful."

"Overall, it's been a lot of fun! The meetings are always really enjoyable, whilst also being quite informative through presentations and guest speakers. The community as a whole have also been wonderful. There have been a wide variety of enjoyable creator briefs to try out, which have really given me a lot of time to be more creative."

"I have enjoyed my time with SwopItUp so far, and

I would like to continue being a part of it while completing my DofE volunteering, as it is a fun way of raising awareness about the environment."

Selina, Youth Lead
Maha, Creator
Satvik, Creator

Some example creations made by volunteers...