SwopItUp's Volunteer Program

SwopItUp was started by then 15-year old Zaqiya Cajee to let teens take action for the environment in small simple ways, letting them do their part without making major decisions. We do this to help young people, no matter where they're from or what they are like, to create a society filled with empowered youth that care for our Earth and wish to preserve it for the years to come.

However, to work at its best, SwopItUp needs young people like you to join our Volunteer's program so that we can run in schools, make social media posts to raise awarenesss, and to try to influence others to change their lifestyle, for a better, more eco-friendly way of living. It may sound like a big responsibility, but there is nothing for you to worry about as there is still a devoted team that can help you out if you are stuck or overwhelmed.

If you would like to join our volunteers program, get in touch, SwopItUp is for anyone who wants to:

  • Act on climate change

  • Figure out what kind of career interests them

  • Have an alternative form of work-experience

  • Show the world their creativity

  • Create videos or photos.

  • Run SwopItUp Clothes Swops at their school when they go back

  • Rebel against consumerism and fast fashion.

We would love it if you were to volunteer and become part of the SwopItUp family. You would also be doing your bit to try and save the environment.

To join us just go to this page and fill out the form: https://www.swopitup.org/join-swopitupclub

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