Beginner’s Guide to Saving Our Oceans

Overfishing. Offshore oil and gas drilling. Plastic pollution. The Climate Crisis. All of these problems and more threaten our oceans. The living, breathing bodies of water that have, and continually, play a vital role in our planet’s ability to function. The ocean provides a source of food for billions of people, helps regulate our climate, produces half the oxygen we need and fuels the water cycle, that produces rain and freshwater. And now our oceans are in a crisis.

Half of all coral reefs and mangroves on our planet are gone. Hundreds of thousands of marine mammals, seabirds, and sea turtles are captured each year. We have pumped carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and now, ice sheets and glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, and sea levels rise, threatening to displace millions of humans as well as animals. This is a crisis.

With the pandemic still being the dominating topic in most countries, our environment is being sidelined by many countries, including the UK. The UN has also delayed talks to negotiate a global oceanic treaty due to the pandemic. Being in the middle of a pandemic does not mean forgetting the environment. If our oceans, our wildlife, continue to be sidelined, there will be more pandemics to come.

But what can we do? How can a single individual help?

  • Vote.

  • Sign petitions from NGOs, such as Greenpeace and WWF, who are continually pressuring the government to do more.

  • Think before you throw.

  • Think before you buy.

  • Be aware and spread the word.

  • Pick up any rubbish you see in your walks and bin it.

  • Switch off your lights when you're not in the room.

  • Don’t waste food.

  • Join a local volunteer group dedicated to the saving of our planet.

  • Create or join a fundraiser.

Help save the ocean. Every little helps.

If we all make little changes in our day-to-day actions and think before doing, our oceans and our planet will improve. We need our planet as much as our planet needs us. The future is now.

Sofia A. T.

Petitions, further readings and campaigns:


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