Back to school? Make it Green!

September and the return to school is finally here, and many of us might be asking ourselves how we can stay environmentally aware and do our part to have a positive impact on the world while at school. Well we’re here to help!

Everyone loves back to school shopping but it is important to remember that some choices are better than others. How (and where) we spend our money can make a large impact.

We suggest:

  • Investing in reusable tupperware or beeswax paper to bring a packed lunch to school rather than single use plastics

  • Swapping out the new clothes shop at fast fashion outlets for buying second hand or swapping clothes with family and friends. (This is a great choice because it’s environmentally friendly and cheaper than buying new).

Going back to school right now is especially daunting due to Covid-19, but if we remember to take the necessary precautions, we can stay safe and look after one another.

One way of doing this is by wearing a mask. Instead of buying disposable one, try a reusable one. These have the advantage of being patterned so you can choose one to match your outfit. If you want to go the extra mile, you could make one yourself out of clothes you no longer wear!

While in school, it’s easy to feel as if you don’t have control over environmentally mindful choices, but here are some easy changes you can make:

  • Consider what is necessary to print and what can be kept digital so as to cut down on paper usage.

  • Minimise paper waste is by making sure to use both sides of the page before starting a new one.

  • Ask yourself if it's possible to walk or cycle instead. Many local councils have recently taken steps to make cycling safer and easier. This will make your journey to school green and fun, and will improve your health along the way!

Personal changes are important, but environmental policies introduced by schools will make a bigger difference. If your school has environmental clubs/campaigns, try getting involved and encourage your school to implement some of the following suggestions:

  • Ensure waste paper recycling is accessible and encouraged throughout the school

  • Consider separating food waste so it can be used for fertiliser or even turned into electricity.

  • Remove plastic packaging from the cafeteria and replace it with paper (for straws and disposable plates), wood (for disposable cutlery), or metal (for drink bottles and cans).

As you can see from our tips, making changes to your daily routine can have an important impact on the world around you. These changes can be small, easy and fun, and are possible even during school time, so why not give some of these a go?

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