Fashion Show Schedule

About SwopItUp

SwopItUp was founded by Zaqiya Cajee at age 15. Her aim with SwopItUp is to teach young people about the climate crisis and provide them with ways to have a more positive impact, particularly through their choices surrounding fashion. The Creators Program, SwopItUp’s volunteering activity, has elevated the voices of over 180 young people, since it started Oct 2020, by giving them ways to educate their peers about the climate crisis.

About the fashion show

The SwopItUp fashion show aims to demonstrate the two main ways Zaqiya found to do this: upcycling old garments and wearing preloved clothing. SwopItUp has collaborated with Newham college fashion students who have upcycled fabrics and unwearable clothes collected from past Swops, to create new and interesting designs. After the fashion show we are holding a Swop Shop in which our guests and volunteers can exchange their clothes with those of other attendees in order to gain preloved clothes to add to their wardrobe, thus obtaining clothes without contributing to fast fashion.